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It’s been a while!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

On January 4, 2020, I told some friends and family that I’m writing a novel and invited them to read along as I wrote it. Between that day and today, a few things happened. Here’s a timeline: 2020

  • February 2: I posted the first scene.

  • February, later: My wife and I decided to move to North Carolina. I began preparations for the job search process.

  • March 12: The pandemic reached the U.S., and my family had our last restaurant meal before hunkering down for “a couple weeks.”

  • March 17: I posted the next two scenes.

  • March–November: Job search and move prep.

  • November 16: I started my new North Carolina-based job.

  • December: My family drove from Utah to North Carolina. We closed on a house.


  • January: We found out my wife was pregnant! We moved in to our new house.

  • January–June: Pregnancy and at-home kindergarten and new job.

  • June 23: Wendy gave birth to our third child!

  • June–December: We have a newborn. We don’t have sleep.

The flame for this project—called Inventing Magic—has waxed and waned, but it’s never gone out. And now, after a couple full years, I’m back in the saddle. I've decided to move this project from a locked website to this public one. I'm putting in a designated "beta" section of the website to make it clear that what you see is subject to change. Feedback is welcome! So be sure to submit your comments at the bottom of each scene. Today I’m posting the first half of a fourth scene. Take a look!

Read the latest (half) scene

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