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What Can You Write?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Just as you can draw what you see with your eyes, and you can draw when you see with your mind's eye, you can write what you observe with your senses, and you can write something you envision in your mind. 

You can puzzle through a thought. You can wrestle with a feeling. Put another way, you can write to resolve an unresolved thought or feeling. Like doing a mathematical proof. 

You can write to unearth and identify a thought or feeling that is a whisper in your mind or heart, poking slightly into your conscious but mostly still buried in your subconscious. Similarly, you can write to clarify an unclear thought or set of related thoughts to understand what, together, they make. These are thoughts in your conscious but, because they are multiple and the relationships and interactions between them aren't clear, writing them out and writing out your thinking through them can help make in your mind a clear picture of the whole. 

You can write to record thoughts in your mind so you don't forget them. 

You can write to record thoughts and feelings so they get out of you, like releasing pressure by turning a valve. You can write to create or bolster feelings inside you, like kneading dough to strengthen it and facilitate its rise. 

Writing is beautiful. Even if the written result isn't beautiful, the act of writing always is. 

Thanks for reading. 

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