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Our Disney Day

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Just like you, we're in quarantine. And just like you, life is a lot different these days. 

Perhaps like you, we're not sending our preschooler to school anymore, and my wife isn't running errands with the toddler during that time. I'm not going to an office every work day, and we aren't going to church on Sundays. 

With none of these activities taking us out of the house, cabin fever gets to us. And because Utah isn't on lockdown, parks and canyon pathways are bustling with people who aren't much interested in keep their distance, making an occasional venture into the outdoors not much of a safe option. 

Several months ago, we had planned to vacation in Newport, California during the first week of April with some of Wendy's family. We were looking forward to beach time, extended family time, and just time away from daily home life. 

Then a pandemic hit, and California started shutting down. Goodbye vacation. Hello again, daily home life. My how you've grown!

Like everyone else, we have our good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. 

We needed an enveloping experience, something immersive that would take us out of our too-familiar surroundings even if, like a minimalist stage production, we could only use a few props and had to fill in the rest with our imagination. 

So yesterday I pitched to Wendy an idea that had been floating in my head for a couple days. The next day we would have a Family Disney Day!

First thing after breakfast, we drove to a nearby park, hoping it would be less-trafficked given the early hour. We had promised our daughters we would fly kites this weekend, and as it was as placid a day as it could be, we knew we needed more runway than our backyard provides. 

Fortunately, the park was sparsely populated. We located an empty stretch of grass apart from the other main areas, unfurled the kites, and did our best to run fast enough to make them fly. They did!

We came home and rinsed the morning-wet grass off our shoes. I mowed the lawn. 

But then it was time for the fun.

First, the ambiance! Music from the Magic Kingdom entrance and the Disneyland esplanade. I asked the girls to set up all their Disney toys in the family room. I gathered all my Disney books from their various bookshelves--art-of books, Imagineering books, Walt Disney quote books--and propped them up in the kitchen. The girls and I wore Disney shirts. 

Meanwhile, Wendy prepared the dough for cream cheese filled soft pretzels. I discovered this treat at our last Disneyland visit a year ago. After quiet time (nap time's not-all-that-quiet descendent), Wendy baked the pretzels. They were amazing! Definitely an instant family classic. 

Then we snuggled up on the couch and turned on a Disneyland walk-through video on YouTube. I promptly fell asleep. 

I had planned to make Dole whips for dessert, but I slept through my opportunity. But never fear! Wendy's Walmart pick-up was right around dinner time, and lo and behold, she bought Mickey head ice cream bars! 

In hindsight, we didn't need multiple treats. But it was a Disney Day, after all! 

It was a good day. I think we all feel a bit more relaxed. 

I don't believe that escaping for a day is running away from hard things. Sometimes you need to rest and recharge; when you come back, you're much more ready and able--and willing--to carry on, to address challenges, to connect and love and serve. 

The girls have already requested another Disney Day in the near future. The only question is which park we'll visit next. 

​Thanks for reading. 

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