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My Role

UI designer

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The Problem

An outdated visual style gave users the impression that our powerful tool was as unimpressive as its interface.

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The Constraints

  • Time. The Product Manager had bigger projects on his plate, so he gave the go-ahead only for some simple CSS changes, not the larger redesign I would have liked to do.

  • A legacy color palette that, on the web, brings down the mood if applied too heavily.

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The Solutions

  • Remove all gradients to flatten the 3D UI elements.

  • Replace the gray-on-white pattern with a white-on-gray.

  • Use color more sparingly to brighten the mood and to more prominently feature primary actions. (In hindsight, I went too far. Adding back some color will add more life.)

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The Results

A before and after comparison:

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old question.png
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new question.png
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